Is it knocking on your door right now?

Builder Opportunities

Keep Your Independence While Growing with Us

Join one, or several, of our Builder Networks and start growing faster, easier, and with less money than your competitors.

Builders that join share branding, plans, marketing and advertising systems as well as, potentially, shared labor pools and administrative resources.

Maintain your autonomy while leveraging the presence of others in the network to drive costs down and profitability up. The big builders are in your backyard. How are you going to compete and win?



Opportunities are limited in each area and within each brand.

If you have interest, or are simply intrigued, let us know.

Supplier Opportunities

Get Your Products In and On Our Homes

As a purveyor of new homes, pre-specified with recognizable, reliable brand-name components, we seek partnerships with manufacturers and suppliers that want to align their brand with ours (and enjoy the rewards that come as result of our growth).

While we do not require our builders to use any specific product or supplier, we do have influence should a purchasing program evolve that leads to better pricing and/or better terms for our network of builders.

Good Stuff?

We want to help our network of builders buy a lot of great components.

If you want your stuff in, or on, our homes, let us know.

Designer Opportunities

Share Your Work and Reap Ongoing Rewards

Our success starts with great home designs and, as such, we continually seek to add and refresh our plan collections.

We have embraced a novel reward program for designers (registered architects and architectural designers) that share their efforts in exchange for ongoing remuneration fueled by the growth of our network of builders.

Great Designs?

If you want to leverage existing, or to-be-developed plans,
let us know.