Carefully Selected Local Home Builders


The leadership of the companies we choose to be builder members must have a commitment to delivering quality results.

That commitment spills over into everyday practices and repeatable processes that yield predictable results – homes of lasting quality.


Our builders have roots in the area in which they build.

They know the local building practices and building codes, know the trades, know the suppliers, and are known in the community.


Each builder invited to become a member is special.

They have demonstrated not only their ability to craft homes for demanding purchasers, but their penchant for excelling in the endeavor and creating raving fans of their customers.

The builders chosen are, and will be, licensed and insured, of irreproachable character, and truly committed to clear and consistent communication with their trade partners, local building officials, and prospective and current customers. They will also have shown a commitment to creating and maintaining a safe building environment and promptness is addressing any warranty issue or claim.

They are special, and if you encounter one, you will undoubtedly agree.